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  • My Computer Keeps Freezing Up Repeatedly And Randomly

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    There are several hardware and software troubleshooting checks that can prove useful whenever my computer keeps freezing up. The starting point is to look into hardware faults since these can prove to be the most critical and lead to data loss in some scenarios.

    Start by opening the Device Manager tool to check your hardware status. It will identify if there are problems with specific peripherals or components. It may be that your laptop keeps freezing whenever specific peripherals are installed due to driver issues or conflicts with other programs/hardware. The tool has a useful Wizard for suggesting different resolutions.

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    Try scanning your hard drive for viruses. Adware, spyware or malware could be on the system and have already affected your operating system. This generally causes exceptions the computer freezes may also be a sure symptom.

    One of the trickier issues that is generally over-looked is a lack of free space on the disk. Make sure you have at least 10% left free so that the Windows OS can use it for the paging file. My computer keeps freezing repeatedly once this level goes below 3% so clearing out unused applications/files on a regular basis helps keep a healthy amount free.

    Staying with the disk drive, you have to consider how fragmented the files on hard drive memory have become. Disk defragmentation utilities should be run every few weeks to help speed up access to these files by reordering the fragments. In severe cases fragmentation of OS files needs to severe performance issues and computer freezes.

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    Finally, a large number of issues are going to be due to damage to your registry file made this happens whenever their application changes, installation problems, poorly made application removals and viruses. The best way to resolve the issues use a good quality commercial registry cleaner to automate the process. However, the free solution is to use System Restore (provided with the Windows OS) to revert back the Windows registry file to an earlier copy.

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